End to Eldaro

Attack at Night
How we met the Minotaur

The approaching army finally arrived after final preparations. Wave after wave of goblins, hobgoblins, and trolls rained down on the defense force. After finally killing them all, the party thought themselves safe. Sadly, an arrow shot from a silhouette killed Captain Scento, and the party chased after it. Finding a hobgoblin party in the woods, the party rescued a Minotaur captive who quickly joined the party.

Goblins and Guardtowers
Preparing for Siege

The group returned to Serville after a night of scouting the forest for goblins. After a night in a tavern, they found the town’s mayor and convinced him and many townspeople to prepare for a goblin attack. They found weapons from various sources, and fortified an old watchtower in preparation for attack. The encounter ended with the goblins rapidly approaching the town.

Into the Forest
Goblin Tactics

Our heroes venture into the Black Forest to investigate rumors of dark forces. Lead by the madman, Eboneye, they encounter several goblins. After defeating an advance party, they discover a goblin hut which contains clues to their plans. They then return to town to warn the people.

The Gifts of the Raven Queen
Going Forth

The party, after being killed, finds themselves in a cemetery. They are lead by an angel to the home of the Raven Queen who gives each hero a boon and revives them from the dead. They take this as a sign to work for her, and attempt to track down the evil forces at work in the world.

One Crazy Night
Bar fight and Zombies

Our heroes, separate at first, encounter a madman who gets them into a bar fight with a group of mercenaries. After dispatching them, not without fatalities, the bar keep reveals himself to be a necromancer who attempts to kill the heroes. Before the fight ends, however, both he and the heroes are murdered by a mysterious man in black who then torches the tavern.


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