Peren Razortoothed

Elf Shaman


STR: 11
CON: 14
DEX: 12
INT: 12
WIS: 19
CHA: 10

HP: 26 (max)
AC: 12
FORT: 13
REF: 11
Speed: 7


“None of your business.”

Other Equipment:
“Stop pestering me you filthy vermin.”

Spirits are everywhere. One cannot cough without being at least heard by one. Every so often, a spirit takes hold of a body, and thus comes into the world as a creature. When the material body has been worn down to the bones, the spirit leaves the body to wander the world again. Under extraordinary circumstances, two spirits form an unbreakable bond and are forever entwined. One morning, shortly after the day’s hunting party had left, a she-elf by the name of Lia began to go into labor. She was quickly rushed to the tribe’s shaman to aid in the birthing process. After several intense hours of labour, a young male elf was born and was named Peren. p. The hunting party had been stalking a moose all morning and were finally ready to kill the creature. As Beiro readied his bow, a ferocious puma leapt from the bushes and killed the moose. During the skirmish, Beiro loosed the bow and the arrow killed the cat in one swift blow, right at the exact same time Peren was born. The hunters returned to the village after a lucrative day. Beiro help his kill before his impressed wife, Lia. That evening, after the great feast of moose, the puma’s body was skinned and made into a headdress and a blanket for the new child. Five years passed and Peren was aging quite nicely, although he mostly kept to himself. When he mastered talking, some people noticed that we would go to a meadow. There, he would talk out loud like someone is listening. Many people thought Peren was mad or imagining things. Then the tribe’s shaman, Gennal the Wise, visited the family in their hut one pleasant spring day. Beiro answered the door and began to inquire Gennal’s intent. Gennal disregarded him and began to talk to Peren, who was sitting on the floor, talking out loud, as he usually does. The wise man said, “I see you have met Bono, be careful because he can be mischievous.”

Peren responded, “I know, I tried to tell momma that when he broke one of her glass trinkets, but she didn’t believe me.”
Beiro immediately stopped, speechless. Gennal stood up and turned to him. “This pretty much confirms my hypothesis.”
Out of his daze, Beiro responded, “And that is?”
“He has the gift of Spirit Sight which means he is to be my apprentice.”
Lia walked into the room and asked, “Does that mean you’re taking him away?”
“Only if you allow it. I highly recommend you do because this is a rare gift, and it is best to be honed early in life,” responded Gennal.
“I really don’t know. Will we be able to see him?”
“Yes, whenever you wish, outside of training, of course. He will be living with me, however.”
“Again, I don’t know. Wh- What do you think Beiro?”
“I think it would be an excellent opportunity. Just imagine: my son, the shaman. I think that would be incredible, " replied Beiro.
“Well I guess if you’re on board with it, I guess I can be too. You just have to understand, Gennal, how hard it is for a mother to give up her only child.”
“Don’t worry. He’ll be very safe with me.” Gennal squatted back down to the boy, “How would you like to live with me and learn all about spirits, like Bono?”
“Will I stay here?”
“No, you’ll come with me.”
“Will I see momma?”
“Of course you will.”
And so, Peren became a shaman from that day forth. (to be continued)

Peren Razortoothed

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